overcoming your fears can be hard. we can make it easier.

Do you have a specific fear that’s limiting your life?

Do you wish you could get rid of it, but you don’t know how?

We know what that’s like, and we’d love to help you!

ABC HABITS uses research-based methods to help people calm their fears.

My methods are: ✅ GENTLE, ✅ FAST, and ✅ EFFECTIVE.

If you’d like to experience how I could help, Schedule a Free 15 min Zoom session to see if it’s for you.

fears i can help you with

Specific Fears

Test Anxiety

Performance Anxiety



1. identify

Our main fear can be made up of smaller specific fears. I’ll thoroughly find out what those smaller specific things are so we can address them.

2. Change

I’ll guide you through several gentle processes designed to change how you feel about those specific things with the least amount of distress as possible.

3. Experience

Once the distress is gone, you’ll be guided to experience the troubling situation in a new way that challenges your old expectations. This is what creates lasting change.

About me

Shawn Russell

Certified Coach, Founder

Hello! In 2013, I experienced agoraphobia and a fear of eating food. I could barely leave my house and I was losing an unhealthy amount of weight. I tried medication, but regretfully it didn’t work for me. 

I search all over the internet, read countless research articles that I didn’t understand, and tested a bunch of techniques. Some worked, some didn’t. But after all of that, I’m happy to say that today I can eat whatever I want. I spent 3 years travelling around Texas sharing my story, published a book, and even did a TEDx Talk!

I wanted to help people overcome their fears, so became a Tiny Habits Certified Coach, which is a method of behavior design created by Stanford Behavioral Scientist BJ Fogg, PhD. 

I’ve been through it, I know what it’s like. I’d love to help you calm your fear and experience a sense of freedom 🙂


We encourage you to first schedule a free 15 min session. We want to make sure you’re comfortable and excited about working together before you commit to a paid session.  

single session

1 hour


Sliding scale available for those who may need it.

four session package

4 hours (save $50)


Sliding scale available for those who may need it.

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